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FDI Trip #8 Italy

11/26 - 11/30/2018

Join our last FDI Trip in 2018 to Italy and Switzerland! The trip will start in Zurich and lead our delegation south to Milan and Turin in Italy, a corridor rife with promising companies in diverse sectors ranging from food-processing to automotive and advanced manufacturing. The trip also includes a local workshop in Italy with our partners and regional companies. For more information and registration, get in touch with Stefan (aengenheyster[@] 

EAIC Special FDI Trip Germany

12/3 - 12/6/2018

The EAIC is proud to be involved in a landmark investment of a leading automotive company and to involve its members in the site selection process. Consequently, we are organizing a special FDI trip to visit the prospect and addtional advanced manufacturing companies in Germany. To find out more and for registration, please contact Christopher (huppertz[@]

FDI Trip #1 (2019): Austria & Bavaria, Germany

01/28 - 02/01/2019

Our first FDI Trip in 2019 will lead a delegation of our members to Austria and Southern Germany. Starting in Vienna, we will travel to one of the most important industrial regions in Austria - Upper Austria. The trip will end in Bavaria, in the South of Germany, featuring visits to companies in the aerospace, automotive and advanced manufacutring sectors. For more information on the trip and registration, reach out to Christopher (huppertz[at]

FDI Trip #2 (2019): Germany and Hannover Messe

04/01 - 04/5/2019

Hannover Messe needs no introduction - it stands as the most important industrial trade show in the world. Join our EAIC Trip to the show, which will feature two days of meetings with decision-makers of key companies from a diverse range of sectors, before travelling to other prospects within Germany.  For more information on the trip and the EAIC booth at the Hannover Messe, get in touch with Stefan (aengenheyster[at]

Community Network

The EAIC Community & Member Network offers a unique opportunity to become part of a dynamic and strong platform of U.S. communities in Europe.

The special benefits available to members of the EAIC Network include the listing in the EAIC Membership Directory, which is actively circulated among potential European investors, site selectors and vital FDI-Institutions all over Europe. A Membership includes access to the EAIC members-only mailing list with news on European FDI in the U.S., legal changes and recent events and access to all EAIC services, including events and delegation trips and access to the exclusive FDI Consultant Forum.

Find out more about the benefits of an EAIC Community Network Membership . 

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Delegation Trips

EAIC Delegation Trips to Europe offer a unique opportunity to get in direct contact with main FDI stakeholders, multipliers and companies in Europe. Accompanied by experienced EAIC staff and a member of the EAIC Advisory Council, EAIC brings you into contact with organizations and business institutions who will be useful partners for future lead generation and visit companies who are planning to build up or expand their production in the U.S. 

In 2018, EAIC organizes more than eight Delegation Trips to Europe on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore potential participants should indicate their interest in advance.

For more information on our FDI Delegation Trips to Europe, check our upcoming events or get in touch with Stefan (aengenheyster[at] to learn more.

Increase your visibility with investors from Europe

The European American Investment Council (EAIC) provides an effective platform for local and regional economic development organizations (EDOs) to market themselves to potential investors from Europe, by means of a widely distributed membership and conferences designed to connect EDOs to potential investors and multipliers.  

European Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has become one of the most important sources of manufacturing job growth in the U.S. It is still challenging for most EDOs to attract these investments to their communities.

The EAIC bridges the gap between EDOs and European investors searching for a location in the U.S. Our Advisory Council consists of Site Selectors, Consulting Firms and other advisers who are experienced with FDIs. They know exactly what European investors are looking for and what information they need in order to decide where to invest. The multilingual and well connected team of the EAIC is ready to boost your community’s success among European investors.

Past Events

EAIC Inbound Automotive Delegation 
Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, USA, October 29th - November 2nd

This year, the EAIC brought a delegation of European automotive suppliers to the United States to learn more about the local business environment and connect to both key company and regional representatives. The trip took the European delegation from Indiana to Kentucky and Tennessee, where they were able to meet with representatives of and tour the facilities of leading OEMs and tier suppliers. For more information, click here.

EAIC Annual Meeting and Conference 2018
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, October 29th & 30th

In October, the EAIC hosted its Annual Meeting & Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While the Meeting is a member-only event to discuss the strategic outlook of the EAIC, the Conference is a high-profile event on transatlantic FDI featuring the EAIC Community & Corporate Members, the Advisory Council, members of our EAIC Inbound Automotive Delegation, local companies and distinguished outside guests.  For more information, click here.

EAIC FDI Trip #7: Germany Automotive
Berlin, Wolfsburg and Düsseldorf, Germany, October 14th - 19th

For our seventh FDI Trip in 2018, the EAIC brought a delegation of its members to Germany for a mission with a distinct focus on the automotive industry. Thus, the group had a chance to meet with Germany's leading automotive industry association, spent two days at the International Supplier's Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen, and visited a prospect in North-Rhine Westphalia that is looking to set up shop in the United States. To find out more, please click here.

FDI Trip #6: Israel & Turkey
Tel Aviv, Israel and Istanbul, Turkey, September 17th - 21st

For our sixth FDI Trip in 2018, the EAIC visited Israel and Turkey with a delegation of its members for the first time. After a kick-off in Israel featuring meetings with several prospects in the advanced manufacturing sector, the group made its way to Turkey - one of the fastest growing source-countries for FDI in the U.S.! In Turkey, the delegation not only met with some of the leading industrial groups and companies on an individual basis, but also participated in two conferences organized by the EAIC in conjunction with local partners to discuss market entry in the United States. For more information, click here.

The Promise of FDI

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has become one of the major sources of manufacturing jobs in the US. As American manufacturers have moved manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico, European manufactures have stepped into the void and created millions of well-paying jobs in local communities all over the United States.

Learn more about these impressive developments and how they have a positive impact and the US and its local Communities.

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Our Services

The EAIC bridges the gap between Economic Development Organizations and European investors searching for a perfect location in the US.

For a single Community it is hard to be heard in Europe and to actively promote its sites and European FDI readiness. Therefore the EAIC offers multiple opportunities to its Member Communities, to benefit from its market intelligence, its European business network and its experience in arranging delegation trips, meetings and events. 

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The EAIC Community Network offers unique opportunities to get in contact with European investors, multipliers and main FDI stakeholders. Besides they benefit from a constant contact to members of the EAIC Advisory Council.
Its members represent America´s most dynamic and FDI friendly Communities. 

»The whole equals more than the sum of its parts«

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